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Flip Your Spending Process to Control Spend Before it Happens. Vendrix puts CFOs in the driver’s seat of their company’s spending. Our simple spend management tool gives you the opportunity to take advantage of advanced spend control and expense technology with no fees.

  • Rethink Your Corporate Credit Card Program and Save Thousands
  • Provide Flexible Corporate Cards & Spend Management
  • Easy-to-Use Platform on all Devices
  • Seamlessly Reconcile Card Spend
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team
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"Using Vendrix saves us over 40 hours a month. Historically, getting receipts from the field and having project managers code them correctly is like pulling teeth. Before Vendrix, our corporate credit card charges oftentimes weren't reconciled until the following month, or later. With Vendrix, we now see project costs as they happen."

Liz Callahan


Phelps Construction Group

Rethink your card program & save thousands

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Your Corporate Card should never cost you money. That’s why Vendrix charges no fees.

  • Deploy New Corporate Cards Instantly
  • Set Team Budgets
  • Spend Less Time On Administrative Work
  • Assign Individual and Group Permissions
  • Proactively Manage Credit Card Spend
  • Upload Receipts or Approve Purchases Via Text

"Vendrix allows our frontline supervisors to spend time doing their job, not pushing paper. I love being able to proactively manage our credit card spend, approving the purchase before it happens, not at the end of the month."

Austin Konkel

General Superintendent

Hamon Infrastructure

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