Viewpoint Spectrum Integration with Vendrix

Integrate Vendrix corporate cards and expense management software with Viewpoint Spectrum to streamline coding and reconciling.
Vendrix integration with Viewpoint Spectrum

Vendrix is proud to announce an integration with Viewpoint Spectrum accounting / ERP system!

By syncing your Viewpoint Spectrum account with your Vendrix account, Vendrix is able to read all necessary data including projects (jobs), cost codes (phase codes), cost types, employees, and more! This information syncs automatically so every time you add a new Job or Code in Spectrum, you will see it in Vendrix and be able to expense your purchases accordingly. Vendrix also customizes your expensing workflow, so however you need your coding selections to look, you can expect to see that in Vendrix when expensing transactions. Vendrix will have access to everything you need from your Spectrum instance including GLs, Projects, Work Orders, Cost Types, Phase Codes, Employees, Vendors, and more.

And that's not all, Vendrix can also push fully expensed (coded) transactions back into Viewpoint Spectrum with the click of a button! If a receipt has been attached to the transaction in Vendrix (which your users can do via sms text message), the receipt image will be in Spectrum along with the fully coded transaction.

This makes it easy to see all of your card spend on job cost reports without having to wait for month end.

Integrations can mean different things to different people, but this is a true integration that will save your team many hours if you are manually inputing and coding transactions to reconcile your credit card statement.

If you use Viewpoint Spectrum as your account / ERP system, let's talk.