Our Customers Spoke and We Listened— Vendrix Fuel Rewards are Here!

The best fuel card for construction companies can help you get up to 1.75% back on fuel spent at any fuel location.
Vendrix Fuel Rewards

We’re happy to announce the launch of Vendrix Fuel Rewards. If you have a fleet of vehicles or are using a fuel card for your company in any capacity, you no longer need to use different cards for regular fuel purchases. 

Introducing the Best Fuel Rewards Program for Construction Companies

With Vendrix fuel rewards, you can consolidate the number of cards in your employees’ wallets with the best purchasing card that is now also the best fuel card for construction companies. 

Get up to 1.75% Back on Fuel Spend at Any Fuel Location When Using the Vendrix Card.  

Talk to one of our product experts today to find out more about how the fuel rewards program works along with all of the other benefits Vendrix has to offer!

Fuel Cards Have Long Been a Commonality in Construction

Contractors have been using fuel cards from companies like BP, Shell, Wex, FuelMan, for decades. While they were handy for tracking fuel-specific expenses, they had their complications, like expecting workers to use two separate cards for supplies and fuel, adding another layer to the company’s expense management.

That’s why Vendrix felt the need to simplify the process with one card for both all while giving you 1.75% back on your fuel specific purchases. Since the card will be linked to Vendrix’s expense management system, you will be able to approve, track, and account for all your fuel purchases just as you would for other job related expenses. 

With modern card controls today, construction companies can use one card that can be locked down for a fuel pump if desired, or it can work for other categories for certain employees. 

This allows for one card program rather than two or three, making it much easier to manage. Old fuel cards usually offered around $0.02 per gallon. Vendrix offers customers over 3 times that. 

Another downfall of legacy fuel card offerings is that they only work at select locations. If your employees drive across town just to fuel up at a location that works with the card, that defeats the whole purpose of saving time and money. 

Lastly, fuel cards were a way to track mileage and other pertinent information for a fleet; vehicle and fuel information can be captured via text message or photo at the point of purchase.  Combined with Vendrix’s expense management solution, managers can track all fuel and fleet related metrics in the app along with all other spend which further simplifies the process. 

Fuel Rewards Just Make Sense

Companies like the idea of some type of reward. After analyzing it, we determined that it made sense to offer fuel rewards for a few reasons. Fuel spend is easy to track. A fuel reward program is a good incentive for construction companies to consolidate to one card program for all spend both fuel and nonfuel. Most importantly, card consolidating provides a greater time saving value.

Reach out to us to learn more about Vendrix Fuel Rewards.

For more information, see our Terms of Service and Vendrix Rewards Program Addendum.